We Are Human With Natural Feelings – Failures a Gift!

Failure is Okay: Take Time to Cry, Let the Feelings Surface –

Motivation and encouragement phrases like “never give up” and “never lose hope” have become catchphrases for many people. While these snippets of advice can be helpful for unleashing the potential of some individuals, for others it’s damaging. This is because the phrases put pressure on people who are disabled or struggling with their own battles & demons.

In a society largely focused on productivity and success, this kind of language creates an expectation that is incredibly hard to meet. It sets an unrealistic goal for people trying to find their way in life and reinforces the idea that failure is not an option; when in reality it often is.

It is natural for us to feel a certain level of discomfort when we fail or make mistakes. Although it may seem filled with negative connotations, there are many benefits and gains associated with it. Taking time to cry and letting the feelings surface can be incredibly beneficial, are natural, and allow us to process our emotions healthily.  It allows us to release negative energy after experiencing a failure, reduces stress, supports better health over the long run and washes the face. When we take the time to process, it empowers us so that we can move forward more competently and become more aware of our humanity and natural emotions that come with it. 

Failure and mistakes are inevitable, by allowing ourselves space and moments for sadness and grief, we gain invaluable insight into ourselves as individuals. Learning this kind of introspection provides clarity that can help us move forward on decisions that are best for our growth.


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