Quiddity –

The concept of quiddity proposes that an individuals’ uniqueness can bring about positive change to their community by channeling the power of this unique essence. Channeling this inner uniqueness gives people the capacity for transformation on both the personal and collective levels. 

Quiddity encourages people to rely on their unique strength, knowledge, and ability, rather than on external forces to make decisions. Suggesting we are all capable of sparking change in society at an unconscious level. Being unique plays an integral role in the process as it allows people to act out individualistic ideals, without worrying about the reaction of others. 

This type of force has been used to spark change in politics and culture, it can be seen when someone takes a stand for what they believe in. No matter how small or insignificant, these acts accumulate over time and lead to sweeping changes within a society. It just takes one voice to transcend traditional boundaries and encourage people to think outside the box and open up to alternative perspectives.


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